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New Toho Movie In Theaters Now!

Bob has a small role in the much anticipated “Kaizoku To Yobareta Otoko”, or “The Man Called Pirate,” released by Toho Studios starring the talented Junichi Okada. Bob is playing Colonel Miller’s Aide. It’s a small role in a very good movie. Be sure to check it out!

About Me

My love for acting didn’t reveal itself to me until right when my high school days were ending. Before that, I had always thought I would be an athlete, or a scientist, or perhaps an animator. Once I got to university, I knew acting was to be my path in life. Now I find myself having performed in over 50 stage plays in 5 different countries.

Life sure does have a way of taking you on unexpected paths. In 2001, I moved to Tokyo, Japan. A planned two year stay has turned into 22 IMDb credits, three best actor nominations, and two best short film wins.

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Bob Werley