About Me

My love for acting didn’t reveal itself to me until right when my high school days were ending. Before that, I had always thought I would be an athlete, or a scientist, or perhaps an animator. Once I got to university, I knew acting was to be my path in life. Now I find myself having performed in over 50 stage plays in 5 different countries.

Life sure does have a way of taking you on unexpected paths. In 2001, I moved to Tokyo, Japan. A planned two year stay has turned into 22 IMDb credits, three best actor nominations, and two best short film wins.

I am not content with just movies, though. In Japan I have been fortunate to be featured in television commercials for such companies as Nissin Cup Noodles and Mazda. I was able to work on the stage production of “iSAMU” directed by the world renowned Amon Miyamoto. I am part of two improv comedy groups in Japan, The Tokyo Comedy Store and the Pirates of Tokyo Bay. With the Pirates of Tokyo Bay, I have performed and taught in 7 different countries.

And while I do enjoy being seen as much as possible, I am very comfortable behind the microphone. I have done narrations for NHK World and I am a regular character named Tommy on NHK’s Kiso Eigo 1 radio program. I was also the voice of a major Japanese snack, Pocky, for three years.

I am just getting started on this never-ending journey called acting. I cannot wait for the next opportunity.